Vancouver, BC

Jody Fenton

Jody Fenton

Jody Fenton

Pharmacy Technician Supervisor

Profile submitted by: Gordon Ling

Brief description of role or responsibilities​

Jody is a tenured pharmacy technician supervisor at GR Baker Memorial Hospital in Quesnel.

Describe how the individual or team made a positive contribution to patient care or their pharmacy department:

Amongst the day to day duties of the pharmacy technician and being the pharmacy technician supervisor at her home hospital, Jody is also responsible for managing the regional pharmacists’ schedules in hospitals outside of UHNBC. The geographical coverage spans from Haida Gwaii to Dawson Creek as well as remote verification coverage.

Jody created an updated spreadsheet that’s accessible to all pharmacists so we can see who is/will be covering where at any given time. This is by no means a small task but well appreciated by everyone. She consistently looks for way to improve vacation/ stat selection process to make it seamless and fair for everyone involved. This year she made further improvements by ensuring pharmacists and technicians are well connected before working the stats. Whenever there are doubts about submitting time off request, Jody is the default go to person.

Although I have never worked with Jody in person, her presence can not be understated in my day to day life. She ensures that verification coverages are allocated accordingly within the region in order to best assist on-site pharmacist to perform patient centered clinical duties. I don’t know how she gets all these tasks done on a daily basis, but I’m grateful that I get to work alongside her.