Vancouver, BC

Hayley Laidlaw

Hayley Laidlaw

Hayley Laidlaw

Pharmacy Inventory Technician
Island Health | North Island -Comox Valley Hospital

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Brenda Barr

Brief description of role or responsibilities

Hayley is our purchaser and manages our inventory

Description of roles to improve patient care or provide pharmacy services during the COVID-19 pandemic

Hayley is exceptional at her job. She has kept us supplied with stock throughout the entire pandemic despite a multitude of drug shortages and other challenges. She has also gone above and beyond in securing COVID vaccines for our site and public health, while maintaining the integrity of the product.

Hayley makes my job (and everyone else in the department) easier by being so good at hers; for the most part, she keeps a running tally of our vast drug supply in her amazing brain and can answer most any inventory question on the spot! If she hasn’t got something handy, its probably on the way.

In addition to maintaining our inventory, Hayley keeps us updated on any medication safety changes. She also goes way above and beyond to secure “oddball” medications to ensure our patients get the drugs they need…even when it is challenging and made even more so through added slow downs and delivery issues due to the pandemic.

In spite of all the challenges she faces, Hayley’s sense of humour and positive attitude remain intact.

In short, Hayley works quietly in the background to ensure our inventory is sufficient and top notch, enabling us to provide seamless patient care. I’m not sure what we would do without her .

Description of impact to improve patient care or provide pharmacy services during the COVID-19 pandemic

In addition to all her regular duties, Hayley has had to work her way around never-ending supply shortages and delivery issues, directly due to the pandemic. She has also had to set up and stock extra areas in our hospital we have cordoned off for COVID patients (and then promptly changed as our COVID plan evolves!) The vaccines have also come with all kinds of extra work from storing to tracking and she has risen to the challenge!