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Gordon Ling

Gordon Ling

Gordon Ling

Clinical Pharmacist

Profile submitted by: Jasleen Hansra

Brief description of role or responsibilities​

Gordon Ling is a Clinical Pharmacist at Prince Rupert Regional Hospital and also provides clinical support to the hospitals in Haida Gwaii. He has been the only clinical pharmacist of a 25-bed rural hospital for 5 years and is responsible for providing pharmaceutical expertise for a variety of clinical areas including internal medicine, surgery, emergency department and ICU.

Describe how the individual or team made a positive contribution to patient care or their pharmacy department:

As a pharmacy resident I had the opportunity of having Gordon as a preceptor for a rural medicine rotation. His feedback has been especially unique as he completed a residency with Northern Health last year. Gordon exhibits passion and dedication to pharmacy practice. He is a trusted member of the team with daily consults from family doctors, specialists and other allied health professionals who heavily rely on his pharmaceutical knowledge and recommendations. It has also been a pleasure to observe Gordon during patient interactions, the way he is able to build rapport with ease and consistently advocate for his patients during interprofessional rounds.

Gordon has also taught me the importance of collaborating with other pharmacy technicians and pharmacists within Northern Health, reinforcing that reaching out to colleagues in various areas of expertise can lead to better patient care and outcomes, especially when working in such rural practice settings. I have also watched him independently problem solve and navigate patient cases that are affected by the lack of resources in the north, he is always ready with a back-up plan that puts the team at ease.

Gordon has also provided ongoing mentorship and encouragement after the end of our rotation together. He has helped me feel supported through the challenges as a resident and is invested in my professional growth as a new hospital pharmacist.

Thank you Gordon, for taking me on as your first resident and your dedication to precepting.