Vancouver, BC

CSHP-BC Programs Committee 2022

CSHP-BC Programs Committee 2022

CSHP-BC Programs Committee 2022

  • Anna Yee
  • Ashley Jang
  • Casara Hong
  • Catherine Cheung
  • Catherine Koo
  • Charles Au
  • Danielle Ghag
  • Erica Wang
  • Gabriel Loh
  • Hilary Wu
  • Iona Berger
  • Jacqueline Kwok
  • Jessica Beach
  • Jessie Jiang
  • Julianna (Jules) Gotha
  • Kendra Southwood
  • Kim Nguyen
  • Laura Rozka
  • Maggie Chen
  • Mark McGinnis
  • Merisa Mok
  • Mike Wang
  • Mikolaj Piekarski
  • Ravi Parmar
  • Rob Wright
  • Shaylee Peterson
  • Shazia Damji
  • Shirin Malek
  • Sue Corrigan
  • Tracy Liu

Profile submitted by: Rob Wright and Merisa Mok

Brief description of role or responsibilities

Each year, the CSHP-BC Programs Committee is responsible for planning accredited education events including the Spring Therapeutics Update, Clinical Symposium, and Annual General Meeting.

Describe how the individual or team made a positive contribution to patient care or their pharmacy department:

During the pandemic, the Committee has continued to be flexible working behind the scenes across the province.  For all events, our teams for Marketing, Registration, Education, Accreditation, Evaluations, Audio-Visual and Administrative Support have all worked to ensure educational content and presentations meet accreditation standards. 

As we aim to transition into hybrid in-person/virtual events, we sincerely thank our entire team for all their efforts.  In addition, many thanks to our team leads (Erica Wang – Education Coordinator, Charles Au and Maggie Chen – CCCEP Accredited Provider Liaisons, Hilary Wu – Marketing Coordinator, Laura Rozka – Registrar, Mark McGinnis – Evaluations Coordinator, Jacqueline Kwok – Audio-Visual Coordinator, Catherine Koo – Pharmacy Student Competition Lead).  Thank you all!