Vancouver, BC

Cara Hills

Cara Hills

Cara Hills

Primary Care Clinical Pharmacist

Profile submitted by: Annick Sevigny

Brief description of role or responsibilities​

Primary Care Clinical Pharmacist in the Central Okanagan Primary Care Network

Cara works directly with physicians, nurse practitioners and other health care providers in her primary care network. Cara provides direct care patient work through consultations to optimize patient care and involve patient in shared-decision making.

Describe how the individual or team made a positive contribution to patient care or their pharmacy department:

I met Cara in my fourth year of Pharmacy School when she was my preceptor during a hospital rotation. At the time, I had just received news of my acceptance into the IH Pharmacy Program, and I was determined to work on and develop my direct patient care skills. Cara was instrumental in my professional growth. She encouraged me and pushed me by challenging my patient presentations, workups, and monitoring plans.  She continued to mentor me during the residency program and later in my first year as a Clinical Pharmacist. When the Primary Care Clinical Pharmacist position in Kootenay Boundary became available, I hesitated to apply due to my perceived lack of experience. However, Cara’s encouragement instilled confidence in me and ultimately motivated me to pursue the opportunity.

Now colleagues, Cara remains my trusted confidante whenever I encounter a difficult case, need a morale boost, require a conference companion, or seek alternative solutions for patient care. I am grateful for her unwavering faith in me, her candid feedback, and her consistent support.

Thank you, Cara, for being an exceptional mentor and friend.