Vancouver, BC

Brysha Renfree

Brysha Renfree

Brysha Renfree

Pharmacy Technician

Profile submitted by: Jasleen Hansra

Brief description of role or responsibilities​

Brysha serves as a pharmacy technician at Prince Rupert Regional Hospital (PRRH), where she plays a pivotal role in providing comprehensive pharmacy services within her full scope of practice. With a background as a pharmacy assistant and recent registration as a pharmacy technician, Brysha is actively involved in sterile compounding and looks forward to expanding her role with the future implementation of physician order entry across Northern Health.

Describe how the individual or team made a positive contribution to patient care or their pharmacy department:

Brysha’s dedication to her role as a pharmacy technician and her enthusiasm for expanding her clinical responsibilities have significantly contributed to enhancing patient care at Prince Rupert Regional Hospital. By actively engaging in sterile compounding and embracing the prospect of transitioning to more clinical roles, such as conducting Best Possible Medication History (BPMH) on the ward, Brysha demonstrates a commitment to providing comprehensive and patient-centered care. Her willingness to tackle challenges in rural hospital practice and find creative solutions with limited resources highlights her problem-solving skills and dedication to ensuring the best possible outcomes for patients. Additionally, Brysha’s involvement in community theater and her commitment to spending quality time with her family reflect her well-rounded personality and further enrich her ability to connect with patients and colleagues alike. Overall, Brysha’s positive attitude, adaptability, and passion for patient care make her a valuable asset to the healthcare team at Prince Rupert Regional Hospital.