Vancouver, BC

Awards Committee

This position is appointed by the President.

The Awards Committee chairperson acts as a non-voting member of the BC Branch Executive Committee.

The Committee will:

  • Promote the interest and submissions for the awards offered by the BC Branch to its members.
  • Coordinate the judging of the award submissions and the announcement of winners.
  • Coordinate communication for externally funded and presented awards.
  • Present the awards at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the BC Branch in November of each year.

Awards Committee Chairperson

The Awards Chair will:

  • Assume responsibility for the Terms of Reference of the Committee.
  • Attend Branch Council Meetings providing reports at these meetings.
  • Facilitate the following:
    • promotion of awards
    • coordination of judging of award submissions
    • communication with internal and external stakeholders regarding awards, including financial aspects
  • Recruit committee members to serve for a term of one year.
  • Assume responsibility for recruitment of ad-hoc judges (CSHP members only) for awards that will be offered throughout the year. It is recommended that judges represent all Health Authorities, if possible.
  • Attend the AGM and act as a Chair for the awards portion of this meeting.
  • At end-of term, ensure there is completion of duties and smooth carry over for the incoming Chair and act in an advisory capacity to the Award Chair in the year following term of office.

Duties of the Chair:

General Duties

  • Review the recommendations of the previous year’s chair.
  • Recruit new Committee members
    • Confirm each committee member has active CSHP membership.
    • Communicate by email to each member of the committee expressing appreciation for serving. Include a copy of the committee’s “Terms of Reference” and objectives for the coming year.
  • Awards chair may choose to recruit portfolio leads amongst Awards Committee members for the following awards: Pharmacy Awareness Month Award (1), Publication Awards (1), Pharmacy Practice Residency Awards (2) and Pharmacy Practice Poster Award (1)
  • Contribute to the Branch Bulletin or news mailings, when appropriate, to announce calls for submissions, award recipients, call for committee members and ad-hoc judges, etc.

Branch Council Meetings

  • Provide the Branch Council with written and/or verbal progress reports at Branch Council Meetings. Make copies of all written reports, if applicable, for all branch Council members, and send the original reports to the Secretary at least 2 weeks prior to the meeting date. Information communicated should include:
    • A list of award winners (once an award winner is chosen, report at the next Branch Council meeting).
    • A report of how recommendations from the previous term were carried out or disposed of.
    • Important developments, concerns, feedback received or other relevant information regarding the awards process.

Coordination of Awards

  • Promotion of awards
    • Request for distribution of e-nouncements (by the Communications Officer) prior to award deadlines (refer to Appendix I)
    • Provide the Communications Officer with the information required to maintain the awards section of the CSHP-BC Branch website including:
      • updating and clarification, if necessary, of award descriptions and deadlines.
      • addition of new awards.
  • Judging of awards
    • Coordinate all award submissions via the email:
    • Respond to applicants that their submission has been received and will be considered for the award (if applicable).
    • In collaboration with Portfolio lead(s), where appropriate, coordinate judging of awards by the Awards Committee which includes:
      • Emailing instructions, award submissions (blinded if necessary), deadline (usually 2 weeks) and request for RSVP that able/or not to meet deadline
      • Determine the winner based on responses. If necessary, facilitate further communication among judges in case of a tie or difficulty in determining the award winner.
    • In collaboration with Portfolio lead(s), where appropriate, coordinate judging of awards by the ad-hoc Award judges by:
      • Recruiting ad-hoc judges (CSHP members only) for relevantawards.
      • Emailing ad-hoc judges instructions, evaluation forms, submissions (blinded if necessary), and deadline (usually 3 weeks from email, except for Pharmacy Practice (Poster) Award).
      • Tally evaluations and determine the winner(s).
      • Liaise with Ontario Branch representative to advise of their publication award winners.
    • Liaise with Ontario Branch representative for judging of BC Branch publication submissions.
    • Coordinate the random selection of winners for the Continuing Education Travel Grant at Spring Therapeutics Update.
      • Liaise with Fundraising Chairperson to invite manufacturer representative to do the random draws and take pictures with winners.
    • Liaise with the Advancement Officer at the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences Office of Development and Alumni Engagement to determine the winner of the Student Award.
    • Liaise with Alberta Branch Awards Chair or Student Representative regarding Future Professional Student Award with respect to availability of fund, award criteria, deadlines for submission etc.
    • Determine Hospital Participation award winners based on attendance rates provided by Programs Chairperson. 
  • Awards Announcements
    • Email the award winner a congratulatory letter (cc BC Branch President, Treasurer and/or Programs Chairperson, as applicable).
    • Announce the award name(s) and winner’s name(s) to Council members during the Award Chairpersons Report at the next BC Branch Council Meeting.
    • Announce the award name(s) and winner’s name(s) to CSHP-BC Branch members in the subsequent Award Report of the Newsletter.
    • Provide a list of all award winners in the Annual Awards Report.
  • Financial commitments
    • Liaise with CSHP National and BC Branch Treasurer regarding the availability of funds for:
      • Continuing Education Travel Grant
      • Pharmacy Practice Residency Award 
    • Liaise with Development and Alumni Engagement Office (UBC) and the BC Branch Treasurer with respect to transferring of funds from CSHP-BC Branch to UBC for the CSHP BC Student Award.

Annual General Meeting

  • Request for e-announcement (by the Communications officer) to call for poster abstracts for the AGM by the first week of September.
  • Notify award winners via congratulatory letter (cc Programs Chairperson) advising them of their complimentary admission to Saturday’s portion of the AGM and requesting for a RSVP at least one week prior to the AGM date.
  • Provide an annual written report (electronic format) to be distributed to BC Branch members prior to the AGM which includes a list of all award winners for the year.
  • Coordinate the presentation of the CSHP BC Branch Distinguished Services Award by one of the award nominators as deemed appropriate and suitable. In the case where the award nominators are not available for the AGM, the Awards Chairperson or delegate will present the award themselves. Specifically for the presentation of this award, time is allotted during the awards ceremony for a short introduction of the award recipient, including a short biography and summary of accomplishments and a short speech made by the recipient.
  • Coordinate the presentation of the following awards with their sponsors by inviting them to be present during the Awards ceremony.
    • Future Professional Pharmacy Student Award
    • Pharmacy Practice Residency Awards
  • Provide the BC Branch Treasurer with a list of names and CSHP membership numbers of monetary award recipients so that cheques may be arranged from National for presentation (along with plaques) to the winners during the awards portions of the AGM.
  • Liaise with the Programs Chairperson to confirm the list of award winners who will be attending the Saturday portion of the AGM with complimentary admission (one week prior to the AGM).
  • Arrange for the purchase and engraving of award plaques to be presented at the AGM.
  • Chair the Awards portion of the AGM:
    • Communicate with the BC Branch President and Programs Chairperson as to how many awards are to be presented, equipment required, time required, etc.
  • Write all sponsors of awards, thanking them for their contributions to the Branch awards.

General Duties at the end of term

  • Update the Terms of Reference for the Awards Committee and present updates and revisions at the BC Branch Council meeting for approval
    • Provide the Communications officer with an electronic version of the approved update for incorporation onto the website
  • Provide an appendix (Award Chair End-of-term Summary) to the minutes of the first meeting of the new term which includes:
    • Summary of how the previous terms recommendations were carried out or disposed.
    • Summary of significant changes implemented during term (if not incorporated into the Terms of Reference).
    • Recommendations for consideration for the new Awards Chairperson.
  • Thank committee members for their service and notify them that a new committee will be established for the coming year.
  • Update the archive of award winners.
  • Assist the incoming Chair, with respect to the becoming familiar with responsibilities including:
    • Providing an electronic copy of the updated and approved Term of Reference for the Awards Chair.
      • Clarify any questions regarding the Terms of Reference
      • Discuss with the incoming Chair the Terms of Reference that are most pertinent to the first two months of term
    • Transferring of pertinent electronic files including the Awards Committee Chairperson Survival Manual.
    • Handover of leftover supplies (if any) e.g. padded envelopes, certificate holders, envelops.
    • Provide a list of any unfinished business.
    • Provide an electronic copy of the appendix from no. 21 above: Award Chair End-of-term Summary.
    • Provide the Awards Chairperson the Award Gmail name name and password.

The Members of the Award Committee:

General Duties

  • Any CSHP-BC Branch Member may serve
  • Members to serve on the committee for a term of one year with the option to renew
  • The roles and responsibilities of the committee members include:
    • Judging of awards throughout the year, as coordinated by the Awards Chair, including the following:
      • Future Professional Pharmacy Student Award
      • Pharmacy Awareness Month Award
      • Publication Awards
      • Pharmacy Practice Residency Awards
      • Maria Machado Memorial Education Program Award
      • Mentorship Award
      • Meritorious Service Award
      • New Hospital Pharmacy Practitioner Award
      • Pharmacy Practice (Poster) Award
  • Other roles determined as appropriate.

Refer also to:
Executive Committee (General Terms of Reference)
“2. General Expectations”

Appendix I: Awards table

AwardDeadline for SubmissionsDate of e-noucementJudging ProcessFinancial/concerns (dates)Announcement1
Future Professional Student AwardEarly December2Beginning of NovemberAwards CommitteeAwards Chair CSHP Alberta Branch liaises with us yearly (Fall)

A, B

Continuing Education Travel Grant3March 31mid-MarchBy random draw at Council meetingCSHP National liaises with us yearly re. funds secured (prior to the deadline for submission)A, B, C
Pharmacy Awareness WeekApril 30First or second week in AprilAwards CommitteeA, B, C
Pharmacy Practice Residency AwardAugust 31First or second week in August (combined e-noucement)Ad-hoc Judges4CSHP National Representative liaises with us yearly re. funds secured (Summer)B, C
Publication AwardsAugust 31First or second week in August (combined e-noucement)CSHP-Ontario BranchCSHP-Ontario Branch Awards Chair liaises with us yearly for confirmation of process (June or early July)B, C
Distinguished Service AwardSeptember 30Second week of September (combined e-noucement)Executive Committee of CSHP-BC BranchB, C
Maria Machado Memorial Education Program AwardSeptember 30Second week of September (combined e-noucement)Awards CommitteeB, C
Mentorship AwardSeptember 30Second week of September (combined e-noucement)Awards CommitteeB, C
Meritorious Service AwardSeptember 30Second week of September (combined e-noucement)Awards CommitteeB, C
Pharmacy Practice Award (Poster) September 1Ad-hoc Judges4C + Newsletter
BC Branch Doctor of Pharmacy Award5NoneNoneAcademic standing in Pharmacy 5015Student Financial Assistance and Awards (UBC) liaises with us5 (Spring); Liaise with CSHP-BC Branch Treasurer to request for cheque; Liaise with Director of Pharm D program (June 15) to request name of winner;A, B, C
Hospital Participation AwardsNoneNoneAttendance rates BC-Branch eventsProvided by Programs Chairperson (October)B, C
Past PresidentNoneNonePrevious year’s presidentB, C
  1. In addition to congratulatory letters sent to recipients (cc President) Announced at: A: next council meeting and next newsletter B: annual Awards report; C: AGM (includes one complementary pass for Saturday)
  2. Date has been changed from year to year based on recommendation by the Awards Chair CSHP Alberta Branch
  3. Name change from Pharmaceutical Partners of Canada Partners of Canada Travel Award
  4. Ad-hoc Judges are judges recruited specifically to judge a single award. If Ad-hoc Judges are willing, they may be involved with judging more than one award.
  5. From UBC’s perspective: Award No. 4824 and name of award is “Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacists Prize”