Vancouver, BC

Publication Awards


The purpose of this award is to recognize excellence in pharmacy publication.

Award Description

This award will be given to a member(s) of the B.C. Branch of C.S.H.P. who is/are the submitting author(s) of a pharmacy article that has been either published or accepted for publication in a medical or pharmacy journal.

There are two categories for this award:

  • Original research
  • Review article


The submitting author of the article must be a current C.S.H.P. member of the B.C. Branch. The article must be pharmacy-related and has been published or accepted for publication in a medical- or pharmacy-related journal within the previous 12 months. A letter requesting the article to be considered must be received no later than August 31st, along with one electronic copy of the article. Any identifying material that could potentially reveal the author or institution must be removed (e.g. names, journal name, hospital, etc.). The cover letter must include a complete citation for the paper that is being submitted. The cover letter must specify the category (Original Research or Review) for which the article is being submitted. If the previous criteria are not met, the article will be rejected.

Click here for the Award Application Form

Selection Criteria

The Awards Committee will appoint a minimum of 2 reviewers to judge all of the submitted articles. Reviewers are required to complete a standard evaluation form for each article. The reviewers will reach a consensus on the winner using the total cumulative scores on the evaluation form.

Award Presentation

The award(s) will consist of a plaque(s) and a single cash award of $250 to the authors who are CSHP members. The award(s) will be presented at the Annual General Meeting.