Vancouver, BC

Provincial Chapters


  • Assume responsibility for the terms of Reference of the Regional Chapter.
  • The Chair of the Regional Chapter will liaise directly with the Presidential officer with Internal Liaison portfolio, to coordinate and report the activities of the regional committees.
  • Recruit committee members.
  • Chair committee meetings and conduct the business of the chapter.

Terms of Reference of the committee

  • Plan and implement 1 regional conference each year.
  • Plan and implement a regional membership recruitment program.
  • Provide guidance and feedback to the Executive Committee.
  • Submit a list of expenditures for the past year to the Treasurer.
  • Promote and support the organization with the region.


The Chair should recruit a regional committee representative of the hospital within the region. The committee should encourage membership and support for CSHP. The committee should organize one regional conference. Funds should be raised to support the conference.

CSHP BC Branch will provide an operating budget of $1250.00 per annum to support the provincial chapter. Additional funds will need to be raised by each Chapter through local sponsorship. The annual operating budget should be mostly used to support the regional conference. All funds raised within the chapter shall be administered by the BC Branch Treasurer, and all expenses associated with the chapter paid by the Branch Treasurer.

Guidelines for Chapter Continuing Education Event Planning

There are 4 regional Chapters associated with CSHP-BC Branch: Vancouver Island, Northern BC, Interior BC, Fraser Valley. Each Chapter has an appointed Chair who will organize 1 Continuing Education (CE) event annually. The Chair may organize a local committee to help with the planning and organizing of the CE event.

Educational Content

The date, location, topics and speaker(s) at the Chapter’s CE educational event are to be determined by the chapter chair and local committee as they are in the best position to know the needs of the CSHP members in their region. Speakers should be pharmacists or other health professionals with a special interest or expertise in the chosen topic. Speakers should not be directly affiliated with the pharmaceutical industry.

Registration fees

CSHP members generally attend CE events free of charge. In order to ensure that CE events are a benefit of CSHP membership, non-members are charged an admission fee (fee for non-CSHP members to be determined by Chapter Chair, but must be a minimum of $25).

Financial responsibilities

The budget for the event will include speaker honoraria and expenses, room rental and catering and should be within allocated funds.

Chapter honorarium will be in keeping with BC Branch honoraria:

  • Speakers receive an honorarium plus complimentary registration
  • The honorarium is $250/60 minutes, $200/45 minutes and $150/30 minutes. In the event that there are two speakers or more, the honorarium should be divided as follows:
    • 2 speakers for a 60 minute presentation $150/speaker
    • 2 speakers for a 45 minute presentation $125/speaker
    • 3 speakers for a 60 minute presentation $100/speaker
    • 3 speakers for a 45 minute presentation $75/speaker
  • Maximum honorarium supplied by CSHP BC Branch is $500.00 plus expenses
  • Speakers shall not be sponsored by a drug company directly
  • Speaker expenses will be submitted and approved based on the BC Branch speaker expense form

BC Branch will provide $1250.00 annually to each Chapter for the CE event(s). Additional funds will need to be raised by each Chapter through local Pharmaceutical Industry sponsorship.

Any incoming revenue (e.g. sponsorship money, registration fees) must be submitted to the BC Branch Treasurer. All outgoing payments (e.g. speaker’s honorarium, speaker’s expenses, room rental, catering, etc.) will be paid by the BC Branch Treasurer. The sponsor(s) is not allowed to pay for any expenses directly.

If the Chapter makes a profit on their event, BC Branch will hold the money in trust for them to use for future chapter events.

Provincial Chapter Chairs

Provincial Chapter Chairs are APPOINTED positions and are non-voting members of the Executive.

Term of Office: 1-5 years.