Vancouver, BC

Programs Committee

A PDF version of the Terms of Reference can be found here.
[Last updated March 26, 2018 by Erica Wang]


  • To plan 3 education events each year:
    • Spring Therapeutics Update (STU)
    • Clinical Symposium (CS)
    • Annual General Meeting (AGM)
  •  To oversee the planning and administration of 4 Rx News Flash yearly


  • Programs chair must hold a minimum of 5 meetings annually
  • Frequency, day of week, time, and location is to be determined by the Programs Chair in consultation with committee members
    • E.g. usually 6-7:30pm on first Tuesday of each month with a break during summer months


  • Programs committee members must have an active CSHP membership
  • Programs committee members must attend at least 4 Programs Committee meetings yearly (in person or via teleconference) or help with at least 1 educational event

Committee Members:

  • Programs Chair
  • Programs Chair-Elect
  • Past Programs Chair
  • Committee Member
    • Secretary (1-2)
    • Education Coordinators (7-9)
    • Event Team Leaders (2-3/event)
    • Publications and Promotions (2-3)
    • Registration Coordinators (3/event)
    • Audio-Visual Coordinators (2-3)
    • Evaluation Coordinators (2-3)
    • Canadian Council on Continuing Education in Pharmacy (CCCEP) Accredited Provider Liaison (1-2)
    • Continuing Education (CE) Coordinators (10-13)
    • Social coordinators (3-4)
    • Social media (1-2)
    • Timekeeper (1)
    • Programs food and beverage (1-2)
  •  Other members:
    • President Elect
    • Fundraising Chair


Programs Chair

  • Assume responsibility for TOR for duration of term of office
  • Update the TOR annually and provide each committee member with a copy
  • Provide committee members with a detailed description of activities and time frame necessary to carry out the TOR
  • Attend CSHP-BC Council Meetings from the December of the year elected until the January of incumbent year
  • Assume responsibility and oversee the 3 educational events, with major roles including:
    • Determining the date and venue
    • Providing guidance and oversight of session to ensure quality of educational content
    • Ensuring content is a reflection of the best available evidence and/or best practices.
    • Promotion of events via a variety of methods: CSHP-BC website, clinical coordinators, member e-mails, newsletters, College of Pharmacists of BC Bulletin, UBC Continuing Pharmacy Professional Development, social media, Pharmacy Technician Society of BC,  UBC Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, BC Chief Residents etc.
    • Coordination of the events with College of Pharmacists of BC, CAPSI, PTSBC etc.
    • Overseeing the continuing education accreditation of the event by helping to ensure Canadian Council on Continuing Education in Pharmacy (CCCEP) requirements are met and supporting assigned Programs members in reviewing the educational material
    • Summarize the feedback and evaluations from events and shared with Programs Committee and reflected on for the purposes of improving future events.
    • Liaising with the Sponsorship Coordinator to facilitate sponsorship of the event
  •  To be Master of Ceremonies at STU, CS and AGM
  • To be one of the event leads at AGM
  • Confirm each current committee member has an active CSHP membership
  • Recruit committee members for the following year
  • Review recommendations from Past Programs Chair and report on how the recommendations were carried out or disposed of
  • Provide CSHP-BC Council with verbal or written progress reports at Branch Council Meetings
  • Provide CSHP-BC Branch Communications Officer with necessary information (dates, locations, speaker handouts, registration information) to:
    • Update the CSHP-BC website
    • Facilitate distribution of at least 2 e-nnouncements prior to the education events (6 and 1 week prior to registration deadlines)
  • Act in advisory role to:
    • CSHP-BC Chapter Chairs
    • CSHP-National Educational Services Committee (corresponding member)
    • CSHP-Western Branches Banff Seminar (BC Branch Junior Representative)
      • Attend the Banff Seminar Planning Committee meetings via teleconference
      • Assist the Past Programs Chair with the Friday night social
  •  Attend CSHP-BC Western Branches Banff Seminar as BC Branch Junior Representative
    • Attend the Banff Seminar Planning Committee meetings via teleconference August to December
    • Costs of registration, travel, accommodation to be covered by CSHP-BC Council and is subject to annual review and approval by Council
  •  Show gratitude to committee members at the end of the year by hosting end of the year event for members
  • Be responsible for the Programs Committee laptop (ie. storage, maintenance, function) and accessories (e.g. slide advancer, audio capture device, cables, etc.)
  • Remain on Programs Committee for at least a duration of 4 months (February to May) after the incumbent term to provide training and guidance to Programs Chair-Elect
  • Upon completion of term, summarize recommendations or improvements that may be considered in the following years (to be discussed at the January Programs Meeting)

Programs Chair-Elect

  • Announced at AGM in November
  • Receive training from Programs Chair from November until February
  • Attend CSHP-BC Council Meetings as of December

Past Programs Chair

  • Remain on Programs Committee for at least a duration of 4 months (February to May) after their term to provide training and guidance to incoming Programs Chair
  • Act in advisory role for the CSHP-Western Branches Banff Seminar (BC Branch Representative)
    • Attend the Banff Seminar Planning Committee meetings via teleconference January to March
    • Plan Friday night social (i.e., designate theme and general schedule, coordinate catering, venue decorations, games, etc.)
  • Attend CSHP-BC Western Branches Banff Seminar as BC Branch Representative
    • Costs of registration, travel, accommodation to be covered by the Banff Seminar Planning Committee
    • Provide handover to Programs Chair for the Friday Night event the following year

Committee Members

  • In conjunction with the Programs Chair, be responsible for the following with regard to the 3 education events:
    • Booking an appropriate venue and arrange for catering
    • Securing appropriate presenters with expertise on the presentation topic
    • Review presentations to ensure it meets CCCEP standards and assign appropriate Continue Education Units
    • Setting up registration
    • Ensuring suitable audio and visual equipment and functioning
    • Create an evaluation of the events to be distributed to the attendees
    • Arrange social functions associated with meetings
    • Support social media associated with the educational events
  • Within the committee, the specific roles are responsible for:
    • Secretary – recording of meeting minutes
    • Education Coordinators
      • Selecting relevant and appropriate topics and speakers for CSHP-BC events (based on registrant requests, best practice, new evidence etc.)
      • Contacting speakers to arrange conflict of interest forms, draft and final presentations, online handouts, and speaker bios (minimum 2 people assigned to each event)
      • Reviewing all presenter handouts, slides and material to ensure standards outlined by CCCEP are met. When CCCEP standards are not met, along with CE committee members, the Education Coordinators will provide and collate recommendations on changes required in the presentation content and send back to the speaker.
      • To oversee the administration of Rx News Flash (finding topics and speakers, reviewing slides, arranging for honorarium etc.) and maintaining a previous and potential topic list for Rx News Flash
      • Education Coordinators, along with CE Coordinators and the Programs Chair, will provide assistance in reviewing presentation materials for Chapter education events.
    •  Event Team Leaders
      • Leadership and coordination of the individual events
      • Booking venue, determining catering company and menu, overseeing the event on the day
    • Publications and Promotions – creation of event brochures, photocopying of any printed materials for events
    • Registration Coordinators – setting up and running registration tables at the events and collecting name tags at the end of the event.
    • Audio-Visual Coordinators – for coordination of AV requirements at each of the 3 events and editing and uploading the recorded presentations to the CSHP BC website for member viewing after the events.
    • Evaluation Coordinators
      • Collection and compilation of event evaluations, maintenance of topic lists (completed topics, suggested topics) to be distributed to education committee and chair for future events
      • Communications officer to draft evaluation form in Google Forms
    • CCCEP Accredited Provider Liaison
      • Ensuring requirements for CSHP-BC to continue as an accreditation provider are met
      • Ensuring educational materials for Programs Committee and Chapter events are reviewed to meet standards and requirements and help register the event for a CCCEP CE number on the website
      • Preparing and submitting a progress report to CCCEP the following January to review CSHP-BC’s CE programs and accreditation-provider activities from the previous year.
    • CE Coordinators – assessing assigned presentation(s) using the CCCEP checklist in order to ensure CCCEP standards are met. When CCCEP standards are not met, the CE Coordinator will provide recommendations on changes required in the presentation content and send back to the appropriate Education Committee member.
    • Social coordinators – planning social activities at events (if applicable)
    • Social media – the social media activities before, during, and after each event
    • Time keeper – ensuring presenters are staying on time during the events (with 5 and 10 minute warning signs)
    • Programs food and beverage – ordering and picking up food, beverage and supplies for programs meetings

Mandates for Educational Events

  • Goal: to improve knowledge of attendees in various areas of pharmacy practice via updates and changes in practice or guidelines
  • Target audience: pharmacy managers, pharmacists, pharmacy residents, pharmacy students, pharmacy technicians, pharmacy assistants
  • Format may be flexible: presentation, workshop, symposium, debate etc.
  • Location must be in the lower mainland during the specified months
    • Venue and date is flexible depending on availability and budget
  •  CEUs will be provided only to registrants of the CE event who have proof of attendance.

Rx News Flash

  • 10 to 15-minute video podcasts (slides and recorded audio) on newsworthy ground-breaking newly published literature, pharmacy topics or articles presented by an expert in the field
    • Internal medicine, cardiology, nephrology, infection diseases, neurology, intensive care, oncology, pediatrics, psychiatry, geriatrics, emergency medicine
  • Focus will be on the clinical relevance of this evidence in the topic area and whether or not it will impact practice
  • Topics and speakers to be decided by education committee within Programs committee
  • Education committee will aim to contact the potential speaker as soon as possible after article publication
  • Video podcast generally recorded by speaker themselves
  • Educational committee to liaise with potential speaker to set up timelines, review slides, arrange for payment of honoraria ($75 per segment)
  • To be accredited for 0.5 CEU per Rx News Flash, as long as speaker complies with standards for Continuing Education (CE) accreditation: signs disclosure form, and includes disclosure slide, learning objectives, in-slide references, pre-readings, self-assessment questions within their presentation
  • Programs committee / CE coordinator to review final slides prior to posting
  • To be posted by the communications officer on CSHP-BC website and be password-protected for CSHP members
  • Education committee will maintain a list of previous and potential topics

Spring Therapeutics Update

  • Should be scheduled in April (usually 2nd or 3rd week)
  • Should provide 2 hours of accredited learning via 3 different presentations

Clinical Symposium

  • Should be scheduled in September (usually 2nd or 3rd week)
  • Should provide 2 hours of accredited learning via 3 different presentations

Annual General Meeting

  • Should be scheduled in November (usually 2nd or 3rd Friday and Saturday)
    • Programs chair should liaise with CSHP-Ontario branch to ensure their AGM is not on the same weekend to maximize booth revenue
  • Should provide at least 4.75 hours of accredited learning via at least 6 education sessions (1.25 hours [2 presentations] on Friday, 3.5 hours [4 presentations] on Saturday)
  • Programs Chair will notify CSHP-BC Council when the date and location is tentatively confirmed
  • Programs Chair shall be co-event lead and Master of Ceremonies for the AGM

Term of Office

  • Programs Chair – 12 months (February to January)
  • Programs Chair Elect – 3 months (November to January)
  • Past Programs Chair – 4 months (February to May)
  • Programs committee members – 1 year (January to December)

Resources and Budget

Registration Fees for Educational Events

  • Non-members shall have a higher fee for each event than members
  • A reduced fee shall be provided to CSHP members who are:
    • Active-In-Training
    • Students
    • Retired
  •  Changes to registration fees must be approved by the Branch Council on the recommendation of the Programs Committee.
  • ASHP and PTSBC members are entitled to the CSHP member rate
  • Company Representatives /Sponsors
    • If the representative only stays at the booth then no registration fee is required
    • STU, CS: Must pay non-member fee if attending educational event
    • AGM: Must pay registration fee at the current member rate if attending educational events
  • A full refund may be given if registration is canceled before Early Bird Deadline
  • Refund requests received after Early Bird Deadline will be determined at the Program Chair’s discretion
  • Complimentary registration is available to:
    • Special guests and dignitaries identified by the President
    • Speakers
    • Distinguished Service Award Recipients since 2012 who opt for lifetime complimentary registration to local CSHP-BC events
    • President or Registrar of College of Pharmacists of BC
    • Dean of UBC Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences
    • President or CEO or BC Pharmacy Association
    • Honorary Life Members
    • Major Benefactor Sponsors (1 per company)
    • CSHP-BC Programs Chair – for each event he/she has been the primary organizer of
    • AGM Award Recipients:
      • Past President Award (1)
      • Distinguished Service Award (1)
      • Meritorious Service Award (1)
      • Mentorship Award (1)
      • Maria Machado Award (1)
      • New Hospital Pharmacy Practitioner Award (1)
      • Future Professional Pharmacy Student Award (1)
      • Pharmacy Awareness Month Award (1)
      • Publication Award (Original Research) [select one author] (1)
      • Publication Award (Review) [select one author] (1)
      • Pharmacy Practice Residency Awards (3)
      • Hospital Participation Award (3)


  • Local speakers receive complimentary registration and honorarium (see below)
    • STU and CS – 1-day registration
    • AGM – 2-day registration
  • Out-of-town speakers receive complimentary registration, honorarium, and reimbursement of travel/accommodation costs as outlined by the CSHP Expense Claim Guidelines on the CSHP Expense Claim Form.
Table: CSHP BC Branch – Guideline for Speaker Honorarium
 1 speaker2 speakers per presentation3 speakers per presentation
30 minutes$150
45 minutes$200$125/speaker$75/speaker
60 minutes$250$150/speaker$100/speaker
75 minutes$300$175/speaker$125/speaker
90 minutes$350$200/speaker$150/speaker
105 minutes$400
120 minutes$450$225/speaker$175/speaker
  • If speaker giving more than 1 presentation – total honorarium shall be based on the sum of the honorarium set for each presentation (not total speaking time)
  • If more than 1 speaker per presentation – follow guide above
  • If speaker declines honorarium at STU or CS, may offer speaker complimentary registration to AGM (2 days)
  • Above guidelines to be followed by all CSHP-BC Branch and Chapter events
  • Speakers shall not be sponsored by a drug company directly
  • CSHP-BC Branch will not provide honorarium to Satellite Symposium speakers either directly or on behalf of a drug company
  • Speaker expenses should be submitted and approved based on CSHP-BC Branch “Speaker Expense Claim Form” (see Treasurer for most up-to-date form)
  • Deviations require approval from CSHP-BC Council
  • Rx News Flash: $75 per segment

Additional Funds/Sponsors

  • Responsibility of the Fundraising Chair (refer to Fundraising Chair TOR for more information)
    • To provide a list of company representatives attending CSHP-BC event to Programs Chair no later than 3 days after early bird deadline of each event
    • To provide and forward a contact list of company representatives’ most current addresses
  • To be used as unrestricted educational grant (ie. held independently of sponsors)
  • Cheques will be sent to Treasurer for deposit who will maintain an accurate financial statement of committee revenues and expenses
  • Corporate sponsors will be acknowledged in promotional brochures or introductory slides for each event
  • Attendees will be asked if bias is detected in the program

Responsibilities as CCCEP Approved Accreditation Provider

  • Programs Chair and the CCCEP Accredited Provider liaison will oversee CSHP-BC’s activities to ensure requirements as an approved Accredited Provider are met. Process will include:
    • Ensuring activates are registered on the CCCEP website as a CE program and are reviewed by the set procedures, which shall include at least two levels (e.g. Education Committee member plus CE Committee member) of review of educational materials plus oversight/final sign-off by the Programs Chair for Programs Committee events, or the CCCEP Accredited Provider Liaison for Chapter CE events.
    • Ensure completion on “Accreditation Application Checklist” by all reviewers.
    • If all requirements are met, assign CE credits (1 CEU per hour of education) and enter event into the CCCEP registry to obtain a CE registration number.
  • Assist Chapter Chairs in ensuring Chapter CE events are reviewed using a similar review process to ensure CE accreditation standards are met.
  • In coordination with the Treasurer, pay the annual Accredited Provider fee, as determined with CCCEP and the Accredited Provider Fee Policy.


  • Any complaints/grievances will be handled according to the CSHP-BC Programs Committee Grievances and Complaints Policy.

Frequency of Review

  • Annually

Date of Programs Committee Approval:

  • February 5, 2018

Date of CSHP-BC Council Approval:

  • March 13, 2018