Vancouver, BC


The President of a CSHP Branch assumes the responsibility for the successful achievement of the Branch goals. In achieving these goals, he/she is expected to identify and effectively utilize all the creative and administrative talent existing within the Branch. He/she must understand the nature of the group he/she is leading for the success and growth of the Branch depends on this leadership.

This is an ELECTED position and the President acts as a voting member of the BC Branch Executive.

The President will:

  • Serve as the elected leader for hospital pharmacy in British Columbia
  • Act as the official spokesperson for the Branch.
  • Preside at all Executive Committee and Branch Meetings.
  • Call Council Meetings and General Meetings of the Branch in accordance with the Bylaws.
  • Prepare an agenda for all Council Meetings.
  • Review and revise (if necessary) the minutes of each Executive Committee Meeting prior to their distribution.
  • Review past year’s motions at the first Executive Committee Meeting after the Annual General Meeting. (obtain from Secretary)
  • Introduce realistic goals and objectives for the Branch each year at the first Council Meeting. Provide direction for Branch Officers. Send out copies of Council Member or Committee Chair’s “Terms of Reference” prior to the first Council meeting.
  • Appoint and dismiss, with the approval of the Council, all Committees and Committee Chairs
  • Review the recommendations of the previous year’s President and report on how these recommendations were carried out or disposed of.
  • Serve as an ex-officio member of all committees.
  • Establish lines of communication with the National Office of CSHP, in conjunction with the Branch Delegate.
  • Maintain liaison with the President & Registrar of the College of Pharmacists of B.C., the Dean of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of British Columbia, and the President of the BC Pharmacists Association (shared with External).
  • Communicate with the Branch Members to identify their problems and concerns, and render means to meet their needs.
  • Report to the Branch Members via an editorial in the Branch Newsletter (Branch Bulletin).
  • Encourage non-member hospital pharmacists to join the Branch.
  • Present the new Branch Officers at the Annual General Meeting.


  • Correspondence
    • prepare correspondence representing the official position of the Branch on major issues; acting as the Branch’s spokesperson.
    • conduct any other correspondence as may be required. This may include congratulations (appointments, awards, etc.) or condolences.
    • notify annually to the Executive Director of CSHP (may be delegated to the Branch delegate) the names and positions of all Council members.
  • Communication with the Membership
    • through regular contributions to the newsletter, website and e-mail list.
    • address the membership upon installation as President at the Annual General Meeting.
    • address the membership as outgoing President at the Annual General Meeting outlining accomplishments of the past year.
  • Meetings
    • Council Meetings
      • prepare agenda for all Council meetings.
      • function as Chair at all meetings.
    • Annual General Meetings
      • prepare agenda.
      • arrange to have all Council and Committee reports compiled to be emailed to membership prior to the AGM.
      • function as Chair at the meeting.
    • Other Meetings
      • act as the official representative of the Branch at other meetings
      • When possible, attend the CSHP Harrison Pharmacy Management Seminar (travel, accommodation, registration covered by branch and subject to Finance Committee approval)
  • Be responsible for the overall planning and control Branch affairs
    • assists Council in developing the objectives of the Branch.
    • determines the need for and when necessary to create task forces of the executive and/or members to address specific issues.
    • determines the direction and overseeing all activities of the Branch.
  • Be responsible for informing the Council of all significant business reported by the committee chairpersons to the Branch President, in the event those chairpersons are unable to report directly.