Vancouver, BC

Pharmacy Practice Residency Award


The purpose of this award is to recognize the best Hospital Pharmacy Residency Projects.

Award Description

A cash award of 1000 dollars sponsored by Pfizer and a plaque from the CSHP BC Branch


Any hospital pharmacy resident who is a member of the Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacists (and a member during the residency program), and is enrolled in a CHPRB accredited residency program in the province of B.C., or have completed such a program in the previous year, will have an opportunity to submit their residency project manuscript to the CSHP-BC Branch Awards Chair for consideration of the Residency Award.

Award Submission Requirement


  • The Awards chair of the CSHP-BC branch must be in receipt of the submission by August 31.

Selection Criteria

The Pharmacy Practice Residency Award will be awarded to hospital pharmacy residents whose project are judged to be the most deserving in terms of representing a significant innovation, practical application and/or development in an institutional pharmacy practice setting. The projects with the highest cumulative scores, as assessed by a minimum of two reviewers, will be deemed the winning submissions. Reviewers to assist in judging the manuscripts will use the following criteria as guidelines. The questions listed under the criteria are not meant to be exhaustive.

Merit (40%)

  • Does the project represent a significant innovation in pharmacy practice?
  • Is the project of value from a scientific point of view?
  • Will it have impact on patient care if published?
  • Is this innovative research or has it been produced before?

Written Presentation (30%)

  • Is the title informative and concise
  • Is the project well written and well organized?
  • Do any tables or illustrations need to be condensed or omitted?
  • Do the references comply with the format specified?
  • Is there adequate and appropriate referencing of previous work in the area?

Methodology (30%)

  • Is the purpose clearly stated?
  • Is the approach or experimental design appropriate?
  • Are the methods adequately described so that they could be reproduced?
  • Is the data interpretation valid and are the conclusions supported by the data?

Award Presentation

The award will be presented at the BC Branch Annual General Meeting.
This award will be reassessed on an annual basis.