Vancouver, BC


Opioid Use Disorder Clinical Pharmacist: A Pilot Project


About: TIFAINE MAGNUSSON will be discussing her role as a Virtual Health Addiction Clinic Pharmacist with the Fraser Health Authority. She will discuss the challenges of working in a smaller hospital site without on-site addictions physicians, as well as how her role was developed to increase access and awareness of opioid use disorder and the treatments available to support a client through their hospital journey.

About the Speaker: Tifaine currently works with the Fraser Health Authority in the role of Virtual Health Addiction Clinic
Pharmacist as well as Clinical Pharmacist, Overdose Response and Vulnerable Populations. She recently graduated from the BC Centre on Substance Use Fellowship program in 2022, and had the privilege of being part of the first graduating class. Prior to this, Tifaine was working as a Clinical Pharmacist at Langley Memorial Hospital and has long been passionate about working in psychiatry and substance use disorders. Tifaine graduated from UBC with a BSc(Pharm) and completed her hospital residency with the Fraser Health Authority in 2012. When not at work, Tifaine has a busy life with her husband, two young sons, and a rambunctious labradoodle named Gus.

Advancing Technician Scope of Practice: Evidence, Experience, and Opportunities


About: CLOË CULLEN will present about how Pharmacy Technicians can benefit and aid in interdisciplinary settings. Together, Cloë and the audience will peer into the world of a Clinical Pharmacy Technician and see how their tools can help reduce the workload burden in everyday clinical practice.

About the Speaker: Cloë is a Pharmacy Technician from Langley Memorial Hospital. She has been with Fraser Health for 10 years and has experience across hospital, community, and long term care settings, as well as instructing in accredited pharmacy programs throughout the Lower Mainland. Her work with Fraser Health has expanded from the pharmacy department into staff engagement endeavors and conducting various studies in partnership with laboratory and library services. Cloë represents the Pharmacy Technician Society of BC and CSHP-BC through the Programs, Advocacy, and Education committees to support ongoing learning for her fellow colleagues.

Take the Power Back: How Pharmacists Can Empower Patients in Decision-Making


About: DR. RICKY TURGEON will talk about how pharmacists can engage in clinical and research roles to make healthcare more patient-focused. Ricky will discuss his personal experiences developing and working in the PHARM-HF (PHarmacist-led Rapid Medication optimization for Heart Failure with reduced ejection fraction) clinic, his involvement in guideline and decision aid development, and share some of his work in studying shared decision-making in the context of heart failure pharmacotherapy.

About the Speaker: Ricky is a pharmacist in the PHARM-HF clinic at St. Paul’s Hospital and an assistant professor with the UBC Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences. His clinical and research interests focus on cardiovascular pharmacotherapy and building decision support tools for patients, pharmacists, and other clinicians, including,, and the PEER diabetes decision aid available at

Medication Management in a Changing Climate: A Guide to What Pharmacy Practitioners Can Do Starting Today


About: DR. CELIA CULLEY will present about how climate change and extreme weather events impact different patient populations with respect to medication management, how pharmacy practitioners can better prepare in the context of a changing climate (i.e. adapt to climate change), and how pharmacy practitioners can help reduce pharmaceuticals’ impact on the environment (i.e. mitigate climate change).

About the Speaker: Celia is a clinical pharmacist and pharmacy Clinical Coordinator at Royal Jubilee Hospital at Island Health in Victoria, BC. Dr. Culley’s team’s work on climate-conscious inpatient inhaler use was recently selected as a national innovation in partnership with the CASCADES network and Environment and Climate Change Canada to further develop, implement, and study sustainable inpatient care. Her goals include empowering health care professionals to advocate for positive change as it relates to the health impacts of climate change, as well as adapting healthcare to our changing climate.