Vancouver, BC

District 6/7 Board Member

This is an APPOINTED position and the District 6/7 Councillor acts as a non-voting member of the BC Branch Executive.

Membership Status

  • Appointed to the CSHP (BC Branch) Executive Council as the District 6/7 (Hospitals) representative on CPBC Council for the duration of the CPBC Council term
  • Participates as an active, non-voting member of Executive Council

Duties and Responsibilities

  • attends regular meetings of the CSHP (BC Branch) Executive Council
  • functions as a liaison between the Executive Council and the CPBC Council
  • provides verbal and/or written updates from CPBC Council to the Executive Council on matters of interest to hospital pharmacy
  • provides CPBC policy information as requested by Executive Council
  • represents the viewpoints and policies of the CPBC Council, where appropriate, on issues discussed by Executive Council
  • brings forward to the CPBC Council table, the viewpoints of CSHP (BC Branch) Executive Council on issues brought forward by CSHP for consideration by CPBC
  • provides written updates for the CSHP (BC Branch) Newsletter on matters of interest to hospital pharmacy as appropriate
  • provides verbal and written annual reports for the CSHP (BC Branch) Annual General Meeting