Vancouver, BC

BC Delegate

The BC Delegate is appointed by the Branch as their representative to CSHP’s Board of Directors. While simultaneously presenting Branch issues and views, the delegate makes decisions which are in the best interest of both the BC Branch and CSHP, as the larger organization. The delegate is the primary communication link between the CSHP Board and the BC Branch.

The BC Delegate shall meet the Criteria and Competencies for Branch Delegates and Executive Officers (please see Appendix I). Experience on the BC Branch Council along with a good working knowledge of CSHP programs and activities are valuable assets.

This is an appointed position for a 3 year term, which can be renewed for a 2nd term by the BC Branch Council, for a total of 6 years.  The Branch Delegate acts as a non-voting member of the BC Branch Council.

The BC Delegate will:

  • Effectively communicate between the BC Branch Council and the CSHP Board, regarding CSHP and BC Branch issues.
  • Promote understanding, support, and enthusiasm for CSHP programs and activities.
  • Attend all BC Branch Executive Committee meetings and the Branch Annual General Meeting.
  • Provide the BC Branch Council with verbal and/or written progress reports.
  • Inform the BC Branch Council and Branch members of all CSHP programs and activities, policies and decisions made by the CSHP Board.
  • Chair committees and task forces, as requested by the BC Branch Council and the CSHP Board.
  • Represent the Society at BC Branch meetings and functions, as requested by the Branch President.
  • Attend all CSHP Board meetings, as the Delegate for BC.
  • Submit BC Branch reports to CSHP’s Midterm Board Meetings and Annual General Meetings. Provide a copy of these reports to the BC Branch Council.
  • Review and respond to requests from the CSHP Board.
  • Review and update the “Terms of Reference” of the position.
  • Circulate copies of the minutes and other pertinent information of CSHP Board Meetings to all BC Branch Executive Committee members, if deemed appropriate. Information should be relayed fairly, without bias or prejudice, and all facts should be provided accurately.
  • Provide orientation for the incoming Delegate.  Assist the incoming Delegate with responsibilities, when needed, upon the completion of term.
  • Follow-up to ensure BC Branch corresponding members are receiving information from CSHP. When the Delegate is corresponding, on behalf of CSHP, CSHP stationary should be used. Likewise, BC Branch correspondence should appear on BC Branch letterhead.
  • Assist the BC Branch Executive Committee with the appointment of a new Delegate.
  • Submit expenses for attendance at the two CSHP Board meetings to CSHP. Expenses are totaled, divided equally by the number of Branch Delegates, and each Branch is then billed accordingly for their share of the expenses.
  • Provide CSHP with the names of BC Branch members willing to serve on CSHP Committees.
  • Chair Committees and Task Forces, as requested by CSHP’s President.
  • Represent the Society at BC Branch meetings and functions, as requested by CSHP’s President.
  • Coordinate CSHP Executives’ visits to BC Branch.