Vancouver, BC

Advocacy Chairperson

The Advocacy Chairperson will:

  • Be responsible for establishing and chairing a CSHP BC Branch Advocacy Committee annually
  • Develop advocacy strategies and plans for the year
  • Serve as the liaison between the Branch Council and the Advocacy Committee regarding advocacy issues and campaigns
  • Attend all scheduled meetings of the Branch Council
    • Participate fully in Branch Council discussions and decisions
    • Provide updates from the Advocacy Committee to the Branch Council as required
  • Participate in all scheduled Advocacy Committee meetings
    • Participate fully in Advocacy Committee discussions and decisions
    • Provide updates from the Branch to the Advocacy Committee as required
  • Provide local support to Branch for specific CSHP advocacy campaigns
    • Co-attend meetings with government officials with Branch President
    • Assist Branch President and Council to promote local advocacy initiatives
    • Liaise with external organizations as required
  • Attend the Branch Annual General Meeting (AGM)
    • Provide written progress report for membership
    • Contribute to relevant discussions as required
  • Regularly contribute to Branch Newsletter
  • Provide orientation for the incoming Branch Advocacy Chairperson
  • Review and update the “Terms of Reference” of this position

Term of Appointment

  • Appointed by Branch President for a 2-year term
  • Term is renewable for 1 additional term upon mutual agreement (maximum of 4 years)