Top Headlines and Trials from 2016: Time for Change?

Dr. Katelyn Halpape, BSP, PharmD, ACPR
Clinical Pharmacy Specialist – Neurosciences, Vancouver General Hospital
This presentation will review the key studies and headlines from 2016 and how we can apply this information to practice.

Trials Reviewed:
HOPE-3 (Cholesterol & BP Lowering)
EMPA-REG (Type 2 Diabetes)
LEADER (Type 2 Diabetes)
ATTACH-II (Intracranial Hemorrhage)


The Weird and Wonderful World of Pediatric Epilepsy

Elaine Wong, BSc(Pharm), ACPR
Clinical Pharmacist – Neurology, Children’s & Women’s Health Centre of British Columbia
This presentation with provide an overview of the unique area of pediatric epilepsy, focusing on the management of common epileptic syndromes, the role of newer antiepileptic treatments, as well as the practical considerations in pediatrics.