Programs Chair is an ELECTED position and the Programs Committee Chair acts as a voting member of the BC Branch Executive.

The Programs Chair will:

  1. Assume responsibility for the Terms of Reference of the committee for a total duration for 18 months. The elected Chair will serve as the “Programs Committee Chair Elect” for approximately 5 months immediately after the Annual General Meeting (AGM), and will assist the Programs Committee Chair as well as attend Branch Council Meeting. The Chair-Elect will assume full responsibilities of the Programs Chair from the month of May following the AGM to the end of April of the following year.
  2. Provide training to the Programs Committee Chair-Elect after election at AGM for duration of approximately 5 months.
  3. Assist the Programs Committee Chair-Elect upon completion of term of office and act in advisory capacity to the Programs Committee in the year following term of office.
  4. Recruit committee members to serve for term of one year.
  5. Confirm each committee member has active CSHP membership.
  6. Write each member of the committee expressing appreciation for serving. Include a copy of the committee’s “Terms of Reference” and objectives for the coming year.
  7. Provide a detailed description of the activities and time frame necessary to carry out the Terms of Reference, to the committee members.
  8. Review the recommendations from the previous Chair and report on how the recommendations were carried out or disposed of.
  9. Hold at least five committee meetings during the year, and invite Chapter Chairs to committee meetings.
  10. Provide the Branch Council with written/verbal progress reports at Branch Council Meetings. Make copies of all written reports, if applicable, for all Branch Council members, and send the original reports to the Secretary at least 2 weeks prior to the meeting date.
  11. Act as Chair for the educational portion of the Annual General Meeting.
  12. Provide the B.C. Branch Council Communications Officer with the information required to maintain the programs section of the CSHP B.C. Branch website (including dates and locations of events, speaker handouts, registration information).Facilitate the distribution of at least 2 enouncements prior to educational events (ideally 6 weeks prior to all events except for 4 weeks prior to Residency Presentation Night, and 1 week prior to registration deadlines).
  13. Act in an advisory capacity to Chapter Chairs and liaise between Chapters and Branch Council when necessary.
  14. Upon completion of term, summarize any recommendations or improvements that may be considered in the following years. These recommendations may be appended to the minutes of the first meeting of the new term.
  15. Thank members for service on the committee and notify them that a new committee will be established for the coming year.
  16. Be a corresponding member of the National CSHP Educational Services Committee.
  17. Serve as the B.C. Branch Representative to the Banff Seminar, or appoint an appropriate delegate to serve in this capacity.

The Committee shall:

  1. Plan the educational program for Annual and Seminar meetings.
    This includes:

    1. Guest speakers
    2. Accommodations for the meetings
    3. Arrangements for meals
    4. Special equipment (audiovisual, etc)
    5. Registration procedures
    6. Advance publicity (Branch newsletter, College of Pharmacists of B.C. Bulletin, UBC Continuing Pharmacy Professional Development Online website, Pharmacy Technician Society of British Columbia (PTSBC), etc.)
    7. Arrangements for social functions associated with meetings
    8. Coordination of programs with CAPT, CAPSI, College of Pharmacists (when applicable)

The Members of the Programs Committee:

  • Any CSHP Branch Member may serve.
    • Committee members are encouraged to attend at least 4 Programs Committee meetings a year either in person or via teleconference.
    • One member must be President-Elect.
    • One member must be Fundraising Chair.
    • There should be a representative from a small hospital if possible (at least as a corresponding member).
    • Members to serve on the committee for a term of one year.
    • Roles and responsibilities of committee members should be assigned at the start of the committee year. These may be shared positions and include:
      • Education Coordinators (2-3) – responsible for liaising with the planning committee / chair to select appropriate topics and speakers for CSHP-BC events, contact with the speakers to arrange COI forms, online handouts, speaker bios, and obtain CE credits (minimum 1/event)
      • Secretary (1) -responsible for recording of meeting minutes
      • Audio-visual Coordinator (1) – responsible for coordination of AV requirements at each of the 4 events
      • Registrar (1); assistant registrars (1-3 depending on the size of the event)
      • Publications and Promotions (1) – responsible for creation of event brochures, photocopying of any printed materials for events (brochures, handouts, evaluations, CE certificates)
      • Evaluation Coordinator (1) – responsible for drafting evaluation form, collection and compilation of event evaluations and maintenance of topic lists (completed topics, suggested topics)
      • CE Coordinator (1) – responsible for obtaining required documentation and application for continuing education credits through the University of British Columbia continuing education program and drafting CE certificate
      • Website Membership Update (1) – responsible for maintaining the status of current membership on the CSHP B.C. Branch website
      • Event team leaders (minimum 2/event)


  1. Honoraria
    • speakers receive an honorarium plus complimentary registration
      • for AGM, speakers will receive complimentary registration to both days of the event.
    • The honoraria are $450/120 minutes, $400/105 minutes, $350/90 minutes, $300/75 minutes, $250/60 minutes, $200/45 minutes and $150/30 minutes.
    • In the event that a speaker is giving more than one presentation at one CSHP event, the total honorarium provided to the speaker should be based on the sum of the honorarium set for each presentation and not based on the total presenting time.
      • Example: if a speaker is giving two different 60-minute presentations, the honorarium provided should be $500 instead of $450.
    • In the event that there are more than one speaker for the same presentation, the honorarium should be divided as follows:
      2 speakers 3 speakers
      45 minutes $125/speaker $75/speaker
      60 minutes $150/speaker $100/speaker
      75 minutes $175/speaker $125/speaker
      90 minutes $200/speaker $150/speaker
      120 minutes $225/speaker $175/speaker
    • All CSHP-BC Branch events, including BC Chapters events, shall follow the honorarium guideline outlined above. If deviations from the above honorarium guideline are deemed necessary, prior approval from the Branch Council is required.
    • In the event that a speaker declines his/her honorarium, complimentary registration to both days of AGM of the same year will be provided to the speaker as a token of appreciation.
    • speakers shall not be sponsored by a drug company directly.
    • speaker expenses will be submitted and approved based on the B.C. Branch Speaker Expense Form. (See Appendix 3)
    • CSHP-BC Branch shall not provide an honorarium for the satellite symposium speaker either directly or on behalf of a drug company.
  2. Manufacturers’ Displays
    • no minimum B.C. Branch contribution is required for a sponsor to participate in the manufacturers’ displays; all major benefactors will be offered a complimentary booth
    • for non-major benefactors, display booths cost $1000 for the duration of AGM
    • the display space will be assigned by the Programs Committee.
    • if display space cannot be accommodated, the manufacturer should be contacted to see if the contribution can be used for general sponsorship
    • the company must supply a list of the names of the representatives who will attend the meeting by the early bird deadline for all CSHP-BC events.
    • For any CSHP-BC Branch events other than AGM, each company representative attending the conference and/or luncheon must purchase a registration at the current non-member rate for each CSHP-BC event.
    • For CSHP-BC Branch AGM, any company representative who has a company booth at the event, except for Major Benefactors, must purchase a registration at the current member rate for CSHP-BC events and it is subject to fee increase if registration occurs after the early bird deadline as outlined in the event promotional brochure. Registration is not required if the company representatives are only manning the booths and not attending any AGM event.
      • Major Benefactors receive one complimentary registration to AGM. In the event that more than one representative of Major Benefactors is attending the AGM, the subsequent representatives will need to purchase a registration at the current member rate.
      • In the case where Major Benefactors purchase one or more additional booths at AGM, the representative may purchase registration at the current member rate.
    • Registration rates applicable to pharmaceutical company representatives are subject to fee increase should registration occur after the early bird deadline as outlined in the event promotional brochure.
    • additional information regarding manufacturer relations can be obtained through the records of the Fundraising Chair
  3. Special guests and complimentary registrations
    • special guests and dignitaries which are identified to the committee by the President shall receive a complimentary registration
    • for all CSHP-BC events, complimentary registrations will be provided to speakers who are presenting at that particular event.
    • complimentary registrations to all CSHP-BC events for Distinguished Service Award recipients as of 2012 and onwards
    • for CSHP-BC AGM, complimentary registration will be sent by the Chair to: the President/Registrar of College of Pharmacists of B.C., the Dean of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, the President/CEO of BC Pharmacy Association, the Honorary Life Members of the Branch for both event days. AGM speakers and winners of the Distinguish Service Awards from 2012 and onwards will automatically receive complimentary registration to both event days.
    • for CSHP-AGM, complimentary registrations will be provided to award winners for the day of the award presentation, including but not limited to: Distinguished Service Award (1), Meritorious Service Award (1), Pharmacy Awareness Award (1), 1 author from each Publication Award (2), Maria Machado Award (1), PharmD Award (1), Pharmacy Practice Residency Awards (3), Hospital Participation Award (3), Future Professional Pharmacy Student Award (1), Mentorship Award (1), Past President Award (1). Notice of complimentary registration will be sent by the Awards Chairperson.
  4. Solicitation of funds/sponsors
    • the Fundraising Chair is responsible for solicitation of funds
    • Fundraising Chairperson to provide and forward a contact list of company representatives’ most current addresses. Updates will be forwarded by the Fundraising Chairperson to Programs Chair as needed.
    • cheques are sent to the Treasurer for deposit
    • a list of corporate sponsors is prepared for each event
    • an accurate financial statement of committee expenses and income is maintained by the Treasurer
    • Fundraising Chairperson to provide a list of company representatives attending CSHP-BC events to Programs Chair no later than 3 days after the early bird deadline of each event.
    • Refer to Fundraising Chair TOR for more details.
  5. Location and Dates
    • The dates and locations of CSHP-BC educational events will be determined by the Programs Committee based on cost and availability of the venue.
    • the Annual General Meeting location shall be in the Lower Mainland. The date and location of the Annual Meeting is set by the Programs Committee, and will be based on cost and availability of the venue (usually the 3rd Friday and Saturday of November). The Chair will consult the Branch Council when the date and venue are temporarily confirmed.
  6. Registration Fees, CEU’s, and Refunds
    • changes to registration fees are determined by the Branch Council on the recommendation of the Programs Committee
    • a reduced registration fee is provided for 1 day registrants, CSHP Active-in-Training members, CSHP Student members
    • PTSBC members attending a CSHP event are entitled to the CSHP member rate
    • ASHP members attending a CSHP event are entitled to the CSHP member rate
    • a cost difference is maintained between members and non-members
    • a full refund will be given if the registration is cancelled before the early bird deadline, after which no refund will be given. Refund requests received after the early bird deadline will be determined at the Programs Chair’s discretion.
    • once the program is finalized, request for CEU approval (usually 1 CEU per hour of education) will be coordinated by the CE coordinator of the Programs Committee
  7. Conference Arrangements For AGM
    • Annual Meeting Program
      • arrange for around 5 hours of educational lectures
      • leave adequate time for the AGM Business Meeting and the Lunch/Awards program
      • use standard meeting format (See Appendix 1)
    • Speakers
      • contact speakers early to confirm the program
      • make appropriate reservations for accommodation and transportation for out-of-town speakers and provide the speaker with an expense form (see Appendix 3)
      • provide the speakers with the UBC CE accreditation speaker guidelines
      • obtain permission from the speakers to post presentation material in a copyrighted form on the B.C. Branch website prior to the event.
      • request the following information from each speaker:
        • biographical information for brochure and introduction and preliminary session title
        • learning objectives of his/her presentation for CE accreditation 1 month prior to the event. A final version of the speaker’s slides must be submitted prior to the event (as soon as available) for CEU approval.
        • a Conflict Of Interest Form for CE accreditation (required 1 month prior to event)
        • Special audio-visual requirements
    • Brochures
      • AGM announcement with attached brochure to be emailed out to CSHP members at least 6 weeks prior to AGM, with a reminder e-nouncement just prior to early bird registration deadline. Brochures may be mailed out or faxed to individuals who request it.
      • Have the brochure posted on the CSHP-BC branch website at least 6 weeks prior to the event.
      • Email a copy of brochure with covering letter to all complimentary registrants.
    • Advance Publicity
      • send an announcement of the date and location of the AGM to national publications: CSHP Employment Opportunities Bulletin, CSHP National website. It may take several months for the notice to appear.
      • also submit this information to the provincial publications: CSHP Branch Newsletter, the College of Pharmacists of B.C., PTSBC website, and UBC Continuing Pharmacy Professional Development website.
    • Council Reports
      • send Council written reports to members prior to AGM (from National Delegate, National Advocacy Representative, Treasurer, Programs/Fundraising Chair, Membership Chair and Student Membership Coordinator)
    • Facility
      • book required rooms early
      • usual requirement: one large conference room, 1 manufacturers’ display and poster area, lunch/banquet room, space for award presentations
      • book AV equipment
      • usual requirement: slide projector & overhead, microphone, pointer for conference room. Check requirements for the Awards Program with the Awards Committee Chair.
      • book a block of hotel rooms to be available to registrants at a conference rate, if needed. Some hotels will provide registration cards, which can be included with the brochure mail-out.
      • arrange to have tables for registrations and manufacturers’ displays.
      • arrange to have poster boards for poster displays.
    • Lunch, Coffee Breaks
      • arrange for coffee, tea and juice to be available during registration and AM coffee break.
      • arrange for muffins/pastries to be available during the morning break.
      • review the menu and book lunch (When confirming total number for the luncheon, be certain to include the company representatives, complimentary registrants, and award recipients in the total number).
    • Cash Bar
      • book room close to the manufacturers’ display when making initial reservation.
      • check if bartender must be booked for a minimum of X hours
      • arrange for hors d’oeuvres, with the quantity depending on the turnout estimated from the registrations.
    • Poster Presentation/Competition
      • call for abstracts will be sent out in July by Awards Committee Chair (refer to Awards Committee TOR)
    • Registration Packages

      • the program
      • AGM agenda
      • Previous year AGM minutes
      • Treasurer’s written report
      • name badges
      • receipt
      • Program Evaluation Form (See Appendix 2)
      • CE Certificate
    • Committee Member Assignments
      • the Programs Committee Chair acts as Master of Ceremonies for the education sessions in the main conference room and will delegate a committee member to provide introductions at any small group sessions, as required.
      • the AGM team will ensure:
        • room is monitored for lighting, room temperature, and door access.
        • coffee and lunch breaks are run well
        • assistance is provided in set-up of posters and manufacturers’ displays
        • AV Coordinator is available and AV equipment is set up for the event
      • four committee members are available at the registration table (registrar and assistant registrars)


Appendix 1

Annual General Meeting Format

  • Friday Evening
    • 5:30-6:30 Satellite Symposium (if applicable)
    • 6:00-7:00 Registration/Manufacturer’s Exhibit
    • 7:00-7:45 Presentations #1
    • 7:45-8:15 Presentations #2
    • 8:15-9:30 Reception/Manufacturers’ Exhibit
  • Saturday
    • 7:30-8:00 Registration/Breakfast
    • 8:00-8:45 Registration/Manufacturers’ Exhibit/Poster Viewing/College of Pharmacists of BC (CPBC) Annual General Meeting
    • 8:45-9:00 Welcome and Greetings
    • 9:15-10:15am Breakfast and Manufacturers Exhibits
    • 9:00-9:45 Presentation #3 (joint presentation if applicable)
    • 9:45-10:45 Breakfast/Manufacturers’ Exhibit/Poster Viewing/BC Pharmacy Association Annual General Meeting
    • 10:45-11:30 Presentation #4
    • 11:30-12:00 Presentation #5
    • 12:00-14:00 Lunch and CSHP Annual General Meeting / Door prizes
    • 14:00-14:45 Presentation #6
    • 14:45-15:30 Presentation #7

Appendix 2

Program Evaluation Form – [Event Name]

We value your feedback and comments. Please take a moment to complete this short evaluation form and leave it at the registration desk or where you are sitting before you leave. THANK YOU!

“Presentation #1 Title”

[Presenter’s Name], BSc(Pharm), ACPR
Overall quality: Poor 1 2 3 4 5 Excellent
Relevance: Not relevant 1 2 3 4 5 Very Relevant

“Presentation #2 Title”

[Presenter’s Name], BSc(Pharm), MA
Overall quality: Poor 1 2 3 4 5 Excellent
Relevance: Not relevant 1 2 3 4 5 Very Relevant

“Presentation #3 Title”

[Presenter’s Name], BSc(Pharm), PharmD
Overall quality: Poor 1 2 3 4 5 Excellent
Relevance: Not relevant 1 2 3 4 5 Very Relevant

The length of the event was:

Too Short 1 2 3 4 5 Too Long

The location and facilities for the event were:

Inconvenient 1 2 3 4 5 Convenient
Not conducive to learning 1 2 3 4 5 Conducive to learning

Overall, you would rate the quality of this program as:

Poor 1 2 3 4 5 Excellent

Overall, you would rate the quantity of this program as:

Too little 1 2 3 4 5 Too much

Additional comments or suggestions for this event:

To aid the Programs Committee in planning future events, please indicate topic(s) you would like to see in future programs:


If you are interested in serving on a CSHP BC Branch Committee, please write down your name, contact information and the committee in which you are interested:

Appendix 3
Speaker Expense Claim FormComplete the claim in accordance with the following:

Complete name and full address including the postal/zip code in order to expedite your reimbursement.

Submit your claim within 15 days of the event supported by receipts. Original receipts only will be accepted. Revenue Canada will not accept credit card slips as sufficient evidence.


Address: _________________________________________________________
Street PO Box City Province Postal Code

Reason for expenditure: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Expenses Amount Claimed
Airfare (economy class only; >$400 require prior approval)
Mileage ($0.50 / km) X number of kilometers driven _____
Ground Transportation (Taxis, Parking)
Accommodation (One evening for out of town speakers; will be pre-booked by Programs Committee/Chapter Chair in consultation with speaker)
Meals & Tips (up to a maximum of $60 / day)
Reimbursable Expenses
Balance Due / Owing

Signature: ________________________________ Date: ________________

Approved By: _____________________________ Date: ________________