This position is APPOINTED by the President and the membership coordinator acts as a non-voting member of the BC Branch Executive.

Membership Committee

  • To plan the membership recruitment program for the branch, including proposals for:
    • attracting new CSHP members
    • retaining existing CSHP members
  • To increase awareness of CSHP benefits, activities and events among CSHP members.
  • To promote the benefits of CSHP membership to hospital pharmacists throughout BC.

Committee Membership / Terms

  • The chair is appointed by the President for a one-year term.
  • The chair and committee members must be current CSHP members.
  • The committee should be composed of members who reflect different hospital practice settings.

Duties of the Chair

  • Assume responsibility for the Terms of Reference of the committee.
  • Attend the Executive Committee meetings to:
    • provide a branch membership statistic report, highlighting any membership concerns and including the names of new members.
    • provide a report of membership initiatives and activities.
    • provide information about CSHP National’s membership drives.
    • take direction from Executive on matters related to membership.
  • Liaise with the regional Chapter chairs and provide support for regional membership initiatives.


  • Promote upcoming CSHP benefits, activities and events to all hospital pharmacists.
  • Highlight membership benefit information in official CSHP (BC Branch) information and publications (branch newsletter, website, etc.)
  • Order current membership application forms from CSHP national and ensure that they are available at branch events and distribute them to hospital pharmacies and pharmacists throughout the province.
  • Publicize new members in the Branch Bulletin and on the CSHP-BC Website.
  • Conduct a lapsed membership drive based on the lapsed membership list from CSHP National Office.
  • Update the CSHP-BC email contact list monthly.
  • Provide an updated list of active CSHP-BC members to the Programs Committee one week prior to any events.