Immunization Issues and Effective Communication | I Boost Immunity: Where Local Learning Meets Global Giving

Shaila Jiwa, BScN, RN, MScPPH, Vaccine Educator for the BC Centre for Disease Control

Ian Roe Content Strategist, BC Centre for Disease Control

This session will highlight common immunization related questions and concerns health care providers encounter from their clients. A focus on effective immunization communication principles and evidence to refute selected immunization myths will be presented. Immunization resources for health care providers will be highlighted. I Boost Immunity (IBI) is an online learning and sharing platform for vaccination built on the premise that rewarding individual knowledge with a practical outcome can save lives. The website uses quizzes, articles and stories to raise local literacy around immunization in a fun and engaging way, and pairs it with a global reward: vaccines for kids through UNICEF.


The Great Translators

Sue Robins twitter-logo
Mom & Partner in Bird Communications

Using storytelling, Sue will reinforce the important concepts related to partnering with patients, including ideas about how to raise the profile of pharmacists in hospital settings. The Great Translators will include a special focus on the “little things” pharmacists can do to demonstrate compassion towards patients and families.


Benefits of Prescribing by Pharmacists

Dr. Ross Tsuyuki, BSc(Pharm), PharmD, MSc, FCSHP, FACC
Professor of Medicine – Cardiology, Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, University of Alberta

Pharmacy has always been about patient care. Recent expansion of the scope of practice of
pharmacists has allowed pharmacists to provide even better care to patients, particularly those with chronic diseases. But we need evidence. The objective of this presentation is to discuss emerging research on pharmacist prescribing, and demonstrate why pharmacists should be prescribing and taking responsibility for chronic disease management. I will review recent clinical trial evidence of the impact of pharmacist prescribing and laboratory testing in Alberta in patients with, or at risk for, cardiovascular diseases.


Top Headlines and Trials from 2016: Time for Change?

Dr. Katelyn Halpape, BSP, PharmD, ACPR
Clinical Pharmacy Specialist – Neurosciences, Vancouver General Hospital
This presentation will review the key studies and headlines from 2016 and how we can apply this information to practice.

Trials Reviewed:
HOPE-3 (Cholesterol & BP Lowering)
EMPA-REG (Type 2 Diabetes)
LEADER (Type 2 Diabetes)
ATTACH-II (Intracranial Hemorrhage)


The Weird and Wonderful World of Pediatric Epilepsy

Elaine Wong, BSc(Pharm), ACPR
Clinical Pharmacist – Neurology, Children’s & Women’s Health Centre of British Columbia
This presentation with provide an overview of the unique area of pediatric epilepsy, focusing on the management of common epileptic syndromes, the role of newer antiepileptic treatments, as well as the practical considerations in pediatrics.